The time is now.


The time is now. If you:

  • Know who you want to work with.
  • Know or roughly know what you want to do for your clients.
  • Are scared of being visible.
  • Don't know how to get visible.
  • Have a social media presence but you are not getting seen.
  • You want consistent income but don't know where to start or where its going wrong.
  • You do not have the funds to spend £1000+ to spend on coaching.

I have built several successful businesses and know the main aspect that leads to sales is visibility BUT I also know that it doesn't always mean live videos and that you still need a plan for the visibility to lead to sales.

I have built a key blueprint for you. To support you to build business which brings consistent sales without feeling salesy.

Best of all this is a live promgramme with full access to me to get my eyes on your business, although you don't have to be on live as you can submit questions in advance, and recordings and workbooks will be sent.

PLUS the PRICE is super low and has a payment plan!!

I will not be doing this as a live programme again so do not miss this opportunity.


  • Live weekly training sessions.
  • Q&A to get my eyes on your business.
  • Workbooks to support your learning.
  • Mindset - get past those blocks, niggles about making money, learn a process to enable you to take action.
  • Build Your Offer - No matter if you have a product of service based business we will build a series of offers that will bring you consistent income, that attract your ideal clients.
  • Sales Funnel - Lets get a sales funnel that works for you, that draws in your ideal clients,nurtured them and converts them into paying clients. (No Tech Experience Required)
  • Pinterest Masterclass - use keywords to get found, find what makes images click worthy, automation, insights and growth for sales.
  • Instagram Masterclass - Using hashtags for sales, grow organically, find content that builds a community, great engagement, raving communities, sell in stories.


  • Facebook Group Growth Training - starting your group or looking to grow your group, facebook groups are a great place to build communities.
  • PAY IN FULL and get Nailing Niches Training - Do you need to niche down on who you are serving. This one is for you, gain total clarity on the who, how and why.
  • PAY IN FULL and get my set of PDF Planners to enable you to plan in even more depth moving forward, planning for the next 12 months growth.

So lets do this.

Pay in full and secure your bonuses. You will get all of this for just £99.00.

Or two payments of £53.00 (YES REALLY).

Doors and how close to drop me an email to get your name on the waiting list.

At the end of the five weeks you will have the skills and knowledge to have the business and income that now seems out of reach. You will:

  • Have the confidence to take those steps and a plan in place.
  • You will know how to maximise your social media.
  • Banish those mind monkeys telling you that you cannot achieve
  • Have awesome offers priced right which lead to consistent income
  • Have a sale funnel which drives your ideal clients to buy from you.

I know you want to gain confidence, build a brilliant brand, have consistent sales, an engaged community online, all while having time for your family, friends and the lifestyle you keep dreaming about. It is possible. I am going to show you how.

Want to know a bit more about me? Check out my about me page

I know you are scared, I know you are thinking:

  • I don't have the confidence to be visible.
  • I don't have the exact offers I want to sell.
  • I am a product business so this cannot be for me.
  • I don't have a huge audience.
  • I don't have those social media platforms.
  • I am rubbish on tech.
  • I can't sell.
  • I have don't all of this.
  • It just won't work.

BUT let me tell you that you can do this, you can achieve consistent sales, visibility and a raving community of fans. You can do all of this and i am here to help you every step of the way.

So are you ready:

  • To make those images you keep adding to your vision board a reality?
  • Are you ready to know you have money coming in every month?
  • Are you ready to have a business that works for you?
  • Are you ready to have the lifestyle you really desire?

Lets do this! What are you waiting for?

Just £99.00 (and get your bonuses)

Or two payments of £53.00 (YES REALLY)

Doors and how close to drop me an email to get your name on the waiting list.