Meet Hayley….

I an so happy to have you here, I am so passionate about enabling amazing ladies just like you leave the 9 to 5, go from employed to entrepreneur and create their own amazing abundant lifestyle.

Who am I? I love this picture although my kids are a bit older now, my eldest is 19! I live in the north of the UK with my kids, hubby, and a huge range of animals. Despite having grown, my kids still remain my biggest reason for doing what I do. My vision of giving them the life I have dreamed of, the experiences to create lasting memories, all of this drives me daily.

I love travelling and new experiences, being out with my horses and dogs, days out with my family, reading, having fun with friends, good food and good wine. Plus I am a self confessed learning junkie always looking to expand my knowledge and lover of all things woo woo.

Why did I start out in business? To be honest I am an awful employee, I have so much I want to be doing with my time, so many ways I can see of improving processes, strategies and sales, and I am not great at sticking to 9-5 hours. So I knew I needed to make a change.

I have been in business for almost 19 years, a lot of that time I also had a ‘real job’ alongside my businesses, not because my businesses weren’t successful but because I loved what I did, but it was tough.

Knowing I was never meant to be an employee, I started my first business in MLM and I loved it, there was no social media, I had to network, meet people and connect. I was great at it, but then the bottom fell out and the company collapsed, leaving me with no business, despite having reached a very successful level. This meant a rethink and from here I started several product businesses, learning along the way which worked and why, how to sell and market, how to niche and so much more. Some of these businesses closed due to not being the right product, time, falling out of love with them, but two sold both after smashing through their yearly targets by over 50% and are still going strong.

From here I ventured into service based businesses and used the skills I had learnt to build up two more successful companies, one of which I still own today and has the most amazing passive income stream which continues to grow year on year by between 30% and 40%.

During this journey I dabbled back in MLM however found the changes within the industry meant it was no longer for me, but I have several clients who have huge success in MLM, no one business is right for everyone.

I then went onto set up three more businesses, two product based and one service based, all in different industries. If you haven’t gathered by now I like to keep busy.

It was at this point I realised my work life balance was no longer as balanced and decided to make some changes. I was so passionate about all my businesses but decided my two new product businesses although successful, one achieving five figure months in under a year and the other not far behind and having amazing reputations, these were monopolising my time. So this year I have sold one businesses and I am loving seeing it develop within new hands, I have given one business to a fabulous lady who is already making her dreams a reality. Meaning I am keeping myself busy with my other businesses while enabling Mums just like you to do the same and living the life I have always envisioned.

For years at the start of my business journey I had toyed with leaving my ‘real job’ but I never made the leap as I loved both.

Sometimes however it the universe takes over and I had a serious riding accident which left a question mark over if I would be able to walk again, think of a polo mint which has been hit by a hammer and that was my pelvis, plus some damage to my back and legs. At this point determination and stubbornness really kicked in and I started to build my positive mindset, I worked daily on my mindset and I started to see changes, which resulted in a fully recovery (eventually). I decided this was the time for a change, I had built many successful businesses and I loved my job, but I needed more time with my children, more time doing things for me. That meant leaving the 9 to 5. Its a huge leap but I never looked back.

I am so lucky to have been able to build businesses across several industries both in product sales and within service based businesses that make me more than I could ever have dreamt of achieving in my 9-5. I get time with my family, to travel, to follow my passions and do a job that I love that doesn’t feel like work. I have worked with some inspiring people, won business awards, been nominated for awards, been featured in local and national press, been featured on TV and on Radio, this journey so far has been amazing and I am super excited for the next twelve months.

I have used everything I have learnt and am still learning to create a programme to enable you leave your 9 to 5 and create the business and lifestyle you desire. We build solid foundations so you have a business that is sustainable and from which you can grow, but most of all a business that brings you happiness, freedom, confidence and abundance.

I am here to help you write your own success story so hop over to facebook and drop me a message and lets have a chat and step into your future or book a free mini strategy call.