Raise Your Business.

Now is the time to raise your game. Now is the time to raise up and shine. So get on the wait list today.

If you are looking to consistently book clients or gain sales. If you don't know where to start, if you don't want to spend thousands and months working to achieve results, if you are ready to make the change now, this is for you.

Let me guess, you have been thinking about  starting a business for a while, but it is never the right time or you have a small business but need it to grow to give you a regular income to replace your current wage, but it hasn't been the right time to take that leap.

Let me tell you it will never be the right time while you keep finding excuses.

 It is a proven system that works for service based and product businesses to start and grow enabling you to build the lifestyle and business for your family.

But what about the time thing? Everything is broken down into bite size chunks meaning it is all achievable while being a Mum, you don’t need days of expensive childcare to be successful, why wait get on the waiting list.

Who am I?

Apart from being a Mum of three, wife and self confessed serial entrepreneur , I am a lover of animals and have far too many of them. I love to take time out of my businesses to make memories with my children, as I believe memories are so much more important than the things I can buy them. I love good food and good wine with friends, plus maybe a gin or two.

All this is why my mission when creating businesses has been to use a logical, straightforward strategy and technique that grows a business around being a Mum and that is what I am going to teach you. 

Want to know more about me? Check this out.

I remember wishing I could spend school holidays with my children, be at the assemblies, not feel guilty when nursery called saying one of my children were sick, thanks to this method that all changed. That Mum guilt is the worst, combine this with the overwhelm of business and the fear of it failing it can all start to feel too much.

I remember living month to month wishing I had long term clients, consistent sales, regular income. Going into a panic when I knew I was facing a period where I wouldn't be working, family holidays would send my head spinning as it would mean at least a week off.

BUT then I realised the key elements to gaining those regular sales, raving fans, consistent and sustainable income, being able to take time off and still have income coming in.

I can promise you that if you engage in every aspect and take on board what I am going to show you, you can be the Mum who has the freedom to be with her children and create an amazing sustainable income. I know because I have done this and helped others to, time and time again.

What will you learn?

We will start with an exclusive mindset training, this is the biggest shift you can make in your business, we will not only work through your day to day mindset but also your money mindset. If you are having a confidence dip, if imposter syndrome has sunk in, if you are questioning your abilities or your pricing, this is all mindset.

I have learned over the years the key elements to making your business grow and bring your the consistent income. With that in mind I have developed the perfect programme for you, after we have conqured mindset we will be:

  • Building your message to ensure is resonates with your ideal clients and brings them to you regually.
  • Make sure you know who those ideal clients are and where they are.
  • Building your offer, or developing your product line and pricing.
  • How to create a website and the importance of SEO.
  • Create your social presence so you gain a community of raving fans.
  • Setting up your email list.
  • Create and nurture those fans through your sales process and funnel, plus how to automate this, giving you more time.
  • Creating a work/life balance.
  • Introduce new income streams.

The wait list is here.

Just think where you could be by the next school holidays, by the summer, by Christmas. Celebrating successes, making memories and making now the right time.

I cannot wait to get to know you and your business more, I cannot wait to share with you everything I do, so you can create exactly what you desire for you and your family.

Hayley x